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Building and home alterations

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Building a new home

Building a new home is exciting but it can be daunting as well when you think of all it entails.

Allow FIXR to join you on this journey of creating your new home which will suit your personality and the way you live.  FIXR are building contractors with a highly skilled team who will be there every step of the way ensuring that your home is built just as you imagined it.

Whether you are at the sketch stage or have a full set of working drawings, we can provide you with a pricing contract.  We will assess your design and floor plans and assist in adding value or cost saving.

It is advisable to make sure you get your plans right the first time.  We at FIXR can connect you with one of our specialist architects who will guide you in your choice of home you have in mind.

By keeping the building contractor involved throughout the design stage can help you understand the cost implications and technical requirements associated with your choice of design.

Here is a guideline of basic steps to complete the building of your new home:

  1. Meeting with you to discuss initial design.
  2. Preparing concept design and cost estimate.
  3. On acceptance of the estimate, your house plan will be prepared.
  4. Site and soil assessment.
  5. Pricing - we will run through the pricing involved.
  6. Finalising your interior design.
  7. Formalise building contract.
  8. Engineering and foundation design.
  9. Preliminary application to Municipality.
  10. Water supply assessment.
  11. Plans drawn for your approval.
  12. Lodge plans with Municipality.
  13. Once plans approved by the Municipality building commences.
  14. On completion, we will ensure your new home is professionally cleaned, the building inspector will carry out a final inspection.  If all is in order, an occupation certificate will be issued by the Municipality and we will have the pleasure of handing you the keys to your new home.

We will meet with you on-site throughout the building process.

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Building Alterations

Are you thinking of renovating?

Whether it be for:

  • general household or
  • turning the garage into a granny cottage or
  • repair and maintenance, including electrical and plumbing work

Allow our highly skilled builders to assist you. Our experienced team will ensure that the work is carried out to your satisfaction and specifications.

You will require the services of an architect and a building contractor if you are doing house alterations and by using one point of contact, it will save you time and alleviate the frustration of having to bring it all together.  FIXR are specialised home builders and our professional team can assist you with your house alterations.

Our services include advising you on –

  • Site coverage
  • Boundary issues
  • Municipality requirements
  • Design
  • Timeframe
  • and of course endeavouring to keep within your budget.

When doing building renovation, one must take into consideration the type of renovation you are undertaking.  Should your house alterations be major, we will assess whether it will be necessary for you to move out during the house renovation.

Boundary Walls

Are you wanting to erect a boundary wall?  Our professional team at FIXR are able to assist you.

It is important to ensure that your boundary wall is correctly positioned.  In most instances, once properties have been developed, the pegs are removed.  It might by necessary to get a land surveyor to resurvey the property to establish the boundary line.

If you have an existing retaining wall, it is sometimes not cost effective to repair badly designed or poorly built boundary walls.  It come cases, it is cheaper to break down the existing wall and build again from scratch.

There are several types of retaining walls that we at FIXR can build for you :

Concrete Walls

Precast concrete walls are not only a beautiful addition to any property, but they add value as well.  They are sturdy and come in decorative concrete panels and pillars.  They can stand up to harsh weather conditions and can stand heavy wear and tear.

The stone effect panels can be manufactured in various patterns and customised to accommodate timber or steel fencing.

Brick Walls

When building a brick retaining wall, you have a selection of bricks you can chose from.  A face brick wall, when properly built, requires no maintenance.

It is advisable to use the services of a registered building contractor for the following reasons :

There are Municipal by-laws regarding height restrictions.

Engineering principles are required to be applied to the design of any freestanding wall.

Soil conditions must be taken into account when designing the foundations.

Weep holes also need to be provided.

Stone Walls

Stone walls are made of local materials such as limestone, granite and sandstone.  We at FIXR will assist you with your choice of stone as it is essential that with whichever stone you select, it is weather-resistant.

You also have the option of building a wall with gabions.  Gabions are wire baskets filled with pebbles, rocks or stones.  When stacked on top of each other, it creates an extremely dry packed stone wall with natural drainage.

Give us a call and we will arrange to meet with you to discuss the various options available to you which will meet your needs.

Building Alterations

Examples of our building & building alterations

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