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Electrical Contractors


Why would you need an Electrical Contractor?

Electricity is dangerous. 220/230 volts AC is nobody’s friend unless of course, it is humming along nicely to light up your home or ensure a hot shower. Until there is a problem.

An electrical fault is one of the few domestic problems that you do not want to DIY. Apart from the fact that toying with electricity is life-threatening, it is illegal to work on your electrical system yourself. So when your wires are on the fritz, be sure to immediately contact a licenced electrician.

Licenced Electricians

A licenced electrician is a professional tradesman who is professionally trained to work with electricity. A certification, known in the industry as a “ticket” is awarded to an electrician who undergo this intensive training.

An electrical contractor’s credentials has to include that all of the electricians in his employ should be qualified electricians with a certified ticket to prove this.

Interruptions and surge protection

An interrupted power supply from the main grid, has become a reality in our everyday lives.

Load-shedding is the bane of all South African’s existence.

This constant interruption in the main power supply can take its toll on the electrical wiring of your home and you may find that you need an electrical company more often than before.

FIXR's Electrical Contractors do all kinds of electrical work. From fixing faulty earth leakage units, to installing circuit breakers and wiring of UPS units. Many homeowners opt for power inverters which can power some of your appliances when there are power outages. It is advisable to talk to your electrician should you want to wire this into your distribution board.

A professional electrical company or electrical contractor will have the necessary experience about the actual job as well as the legal requirements of such a project.

Certificate of Compliance.

To comply or not to comply is no question.

An Electrical COC or Certificate of Compliance is an important document that can only be issued by a registered electrician. A COC acts as guarantee that all work carried out in your home conforms to the regulations of the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (ECB).

If you are purchasing a new home, most financial institutions will insist on a COC before issuing a mortgage guarantee or bond. A COC might also be required when filing a claim with your insurance. Take the hassle out of compliance – call us and we will have the inspection done an your certificate ready in no time at all.

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Our Electrical Services Include:

  • security lighting
  • home appliance repairs
  • garage and gate automation
  • earth leakage and tripping
  • swimming pool motors
  • electrical fencing
  • faulty lights and plugs
  • power outages and failures and more.

FIXR Home Improvement has electricians who can take care of any electrical issues or faults you might have in your home.

We are also electrical contractors who do the wiring of new structures or additional electrical systems from scratch.

Our other services include

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