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Geyser Repairs & Replacements


Replaced and Repaired Geyser Services

At Fixr in Randburg, our well trained and qualified plumbers will always make sure that a geyser is replaced and repaired according to SANS 0254 standards and specifications as your safety is our concern.

When it comes to excellence, our company knows no limits.

Regardless of the size of your problem, we have the tools and experience to solve it efficiently and quickly.

Steps to Follow when having Bust Geyser

When the temperature in the geyser rises too high, the pressure inside the geyser will also rise.

When the heat and pressure inside a geyser build up, the valve is opened, allowing water to safely drain through a drainage pipe. When the valve fails to function properly, the geyser can burst, leak, or even explode.

If your geyser has burst, immediately switch off the geyser electrical isolator switch on the main DB board, it should be marked with a geyser label.

Switch off the water mains and the stopcock on the geyser's inlet drain. This will stop all water flow to your home.

When heat and pressure build up inside a geyser, the valve is opened, allowing water to drain safely through a drainage pipe. The geyser will burst, leak, or even explode if the valve fails to work properly.

The Most Common Geyser Problems

Dripping Geyser

One of the most common geyser problems include a dripping geyser. It is a fact that geysers often drip or leak water through the pressure control valve overflow pipe. A small amount of dripping is common, but if it exceeds a few litres, it may indicate a defective control valve. Get this valve checked and get it replaced if there is no chance of repairs.

Overheating geyser

Another common issue is an overheating geyser. Sometimes the geyser may not close or go off even in the ‘off’ position and which may result in not only overheating of the water but also the geyser bursting.

Water not hot enough or no hot water at all

Another geyser problem is when the water obtained from the geyser is not hot enough or not hot at all. If there is no hot water at all, you must check the geyser circuit breaker on the main distribution to see if it is tripped. You must reset the circuit breaker once or twice. If it keeps tripping, you will need to call an electrician. If the issue is not with the power supply, it is possible that the heating element or the thermostat is faulty. Then you may need to replace it.

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A Geyser Replacement or Repair

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