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Interior Designers

Interior Designers Randburg, Sandton & Midrand

Why would you need Interior Designers?


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I have excellent taste!  What value can interior designers add?

We have no doubt that your inner interior designer is a person of style and great taste just waiting to be unleashed on the blank slate of your home. We at FIXR, enjoy working with discerning people who know what they want!

But how can we add value to your interior decorating project?

An interior designer can give you a professional assessment that can translate into a solid plan of action. We have been in the interior decorating business for many years and know all the pitfalls when starting out on an interior revamp. We offer an extra set of trained eyes that might see the things that you do not even know are there. This may save you time and money.

I am working on a decorating budget here!

Interior decorators are not only for the rich and famous. Because of our experience in the field, we can often end up saving you money because we know where to get the best prices and can source exactly the items you want without paying an arm and a leg. DO it right the first time and avoid having to redo your project.

Interior decorating – the nuts and bolts

Interior decorators are also not only about what looks good. We take the logistical and practical elements of the project into account such as placing of electrical outlets, lighting and general flow to make your space look good and functional for everyday life.

But we do also focus on what looks good – that is the entire point of any interior decorating project! Coming up with novel ideas and working around problems is what we do all day long, every day. Hire an interior decorator and you are hiring a creative brain that thinks outside of the box – someone that can turn a response from “that’s nice” to “oh my word WOW”

Furthermore, we speak Contractor! We know the language of the people who will be doing your renovations, know what to look out for and to convey what you want. This proper briefing ensures that the picture in your head is understood by the contractor and results in the physical manifestation of your own work of art.

Feeling overwhelmed deciding on your interior decoration?

If you are not so confident in approaching your interior decoration, we will take you by the hand and lead you through the process. There are a myriad of options, design genres and approaches, furniture styles and colour choices. These may be overwhelming and you might not have an inkling where to start of what to combine.

Join forces with an interior designer and you will soon learn that what you see as chaos, is the stuff that their dreams are made off.

We are trained and experienced in translating your vision into reality even if you do not quite know what you want. A good interior designer assesses not only the physical surroundings, but also how it will work for you taking your personality and style into account.

Everything you need under one roof

FIXR is a home-improvement company.  We have access to all your interior design needs under one umbrella.  Contractors, plumbers and electricians that you can trust because we have a working relationship.

You can count on assembling a team where there is synergy, a team that has done many successful projects together.  Projects take less time to complete and we endorse the work of our subcontractors.

We can negotiate the best prices with our preferred suppliers – the benefit of that will be passed on to you.

The Interior Designing Process

During our first meeting, we visit you at your home to get an idea of your vision. We take measurements and photos at the same time. This is followed up with a presentation of the schematic design at our offices during which we do our all to wow you.

Depending on the interior decorating project there might be additional meetings and even exciting shopping trips.

FIXR interior designers will provide you with documentation including drawings, general notes and design specifications. For projects that include furniture a digital moodboard and samples are included.

We have a wide selection of stunning furnishings that you can purchase through us.

Interior Designer Cost

Prices are worked out on a per hourly rate, we can also negotiate a flat fee based on the entire interior design process.

Appointing FIXR as your interior designer is the only responsible choice to make for the interior style and comfort that showcases your excellent taste and attention to detail.

Examples of our Interior Design work

Bathroom, Bedroom, lounge & entrance hall interior design done in Randburg, Sandton and Midrand areas.

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