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Laminated Flooring

Laminated Flooring Randburg, Sandton & Midrand Areas

Laminated Flooring


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Just when you thought everything was tiles and glass, in steps laminated flooring to recapture the beauty of the old hardwood floors of years gone by.

When you install a laminated floor, you add a touch of the warmth that a wood finish offers. Not only is the look warmer and more inviting but your laminate floor will also feel warmer underfoot than tiles especially in areas where a cosier feeling is needed.

Laminate flooring works especially well in bedrooms and lounges, or other areas where we spend our leisure time

Laminate flooring is very versatile and is available in a variety of colours that mimic real wooden floors.  If you favour a more modern and angled interior, laminate floors can be used because of its precise and uniform character and polished finish.

If your taste in interior decorating leans more towards a country style, laminated floors are equally at home.

From office spaces and commercial or retail applications through to residential use, there is a laminated flooring solution available to suit your needs.

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Why Laminated Flooring?

Anyone who has done home improvements can tell you that the most inconvenient part of the process is having contractors in your home for weeks on end.  This is not the case when you decide on having a laminate floor installed.  Installation is quick, easy and clean.

After your floor surface has been cleaned and prepared, an underfelt is put down on the subfloor surface. The particle board is easy to cut with a hand- or jigsaw and a perfect fit can be achieved in small or problematic areas.  The laminate planks are not attached to the subfloor but installed on top of the foam underlayer.  This makes a laminate floor softer to walk on with a somewhat springy feeling.  Its tongue-and-groove design makes for quick and easy installation.  No nails or glue is needed.  It can also be installed over many different types of sub-floors.

Finishes, trims and mouldings like thresholds and quarter rounds that match your choice of design are available to complete a perfect and professional floor installation.

Laminate flooring installation

The clear plastic wear layer of a laminate floor makes it surprisingly durable and scratch-resistant.  This is a bonus for areas where there is a lot of traffic and for people who keep indoor pets.

Laminate floors are very easy to clean with a broom, soapy water and a damp mop and scuff marks can be removed with very little effort. It does not attract dust and pollen like a carpet and is therefore friendly to those who suffer from allergies.

The realistic wood feel of this type of flooring is achieved by using a high-resolution image or photo of the real makoya!

All the beauty and benefits of real quality hardwood with almost none of its disadvantages.  In the unlikely event of your laminate floor sustaining deep scratches or other damage, an individual strip can be replaced by your laminate flooring company.

Durable and quite resistant to wear and tear, a good quality laminate floor can outlast some of its toughest floor covering competition.

laminated flooring installation

Laminated Flooring Cost

The beauty of a laminated flooring goes far deeper than its realistic surface – it is also better for your budget than most other options.

It is a lot less expensive than real hardwood floors and carpets. Its cost also compares very favourably to tiles.

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