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Palisade Fencing, Palisade Gates & Security Fencing installations done in Randburg, Sandton, West Rand and Midrand areas.

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In a perfect world, we would not have to protect ourselves from the outside world with palisade fences or any other type of barrier.  We would be able to enjoy unobstructed views of our manicured lawns and offer others the opportunity to feast their eyes on our gardening skills.

Our neighborhoods would be open and inviting where everyone had the best of intentions and we could surround ourselves by beauty.

Unfortunately, this Utopia does not exist in our modern world.

Fortunately, a palisade security fence offers security without having to sacrifice your view yet offers a strong visual deterrent to probable intruders.

What is palisade fencing?

A metal palisade fence is manufactured from cold rolled steel.  It is constructed with vertical and horizontal rails and finished with its recognisable forked toppings.

This sturdy construction offers a secure perimeter fence that is hard to climb since it prevents intruders to get a foothold to gain access to your premises.

Why use a palisade fence?

Steel palisade fencing is a strong, durable and cost-effective way in which to safeguard your property.  It forms the first line of defence against intrusion. The physical and visual barrier that palisade fencing offers, is a vital part of your total security solution to keep your property and your family out of harms way.

Palisade fencing vs brick perimeter walls

In South Africa, we have become used to protecting our properties by using some form of physical barrier.

Oftentimes, we feel safer behind high walls, protected from the eyes of outsiders.  It feels comforting and safe to come home to a properly secured home where you can enjoy some privacy.

But have you considered the downside of a high, impenetrable wall?  Locking yourself in behind such a barrier also blocks out the outside world. You would think:  "Yes, that is exactly the point!" but even though a wall might offer some protection, it also secludes you.

Criminals will use your privacy against you.  Your privacy might create a private setting for their criminal activities.

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Palisade security fencing offers you the best of both worlds.  You have the benefit of a barrier to entry plus visibility!


Visibility is the biggest benefit of palisade security fencing

Upon arriving home, a palisade fence allows you to scan your property for visible signs of tampering even before opening your gate.

When you are inside, it offers you a clear view of the outside to detect and react to problems even before they occur.  It also allows your other early warning methods, such as dogs, to alert you to possible problems.

In the unfortunate event of a criminal gaining access to your property, this type of fencing allows your security company or other forms of help that may come to assist, a clear line of sight.

Palisade fencing prices

Palisade fencing prices, upkeep and maintenance

Not only is metal palisade fencing prices cost effective and within the reach of most homeowners, but maintenance and replacement are also easy and affordable.

A properly installed steel palisade fence is durable and maintenance is often only necessary for aesthetic effect.  A good layer of fit-for-purpose outdoor paint and you are ready to go for the next few years!

Should a portion of your palisade fence sustain any damage, it is easy to repair it in situ or to replace a section without too much effort or costing you a fortune.

Palisade fencing is definitely the best alternative to create a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

It allows visibility, provides a strong barrier to entry, is cost-effective, easy to install and maintain and will add to the value of your property for many years to come.

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