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The weather in Gauteng can be severe and if you don't take care of your waterproofing you might wake up in a puddle. FIXR's waterproofing contractors provide a full spectrum of waterproofing services that will ensure your house maintains its value and that the rain stays outside.

Our Waterproofing Services include:

Torch on Waterproofing
Pitched Roof waterproofing
Damp proofing
Waterproofing concrete
Foundation waterproofing
Basement waterproofing

Torch-On Waterproofing

What is torch-on waterproofing?

Exactly what is Torch On waterproofing and how can it benefit your home and protect it against the harsh Gauteng weather?

Torch On is a sheet membrane system that is applied to a surface (such as a concrete roof) using a blow torch. The innovative waterproofing membrane system are made of sticky, viscous organic liquids. Bitumen, a hydrocarbon made from crude oil, is one of the key components of the membrane. It is non-harmful to the environment, highly effective against heavy rain and boasting a number of unique qualities.

Torch on waterproofing is widely considered to be one of the most reliable tools for waterproofing contractors.

Benefits of Torch on Waterproofing

  • Its an excellent waterproofing solution for flat roofs. Concrete roofs are not watertight on their own.  The conventional waterproofing system with membrane is not the answer to a leaking concrete roof. The only way to do proper waterproofing on your concrete roof is to apply torch on waterproofing.
  • Flat roofs tend to be susceptible to leaks and therefore need to be waterproofed and well-maintained to avoid this weakness
  • Torch on roof coatings are resistant to leaks. Torch on waterproofing is made of a rubberized asphalt material that is melted with a torch to the roof of a home.
  • This multipurpose roofing also provide protection from heat. It reflects UV rays, which helps keep indoor temperatures down during the summer.
  • Finally torch on waterproofing is free of harmful fumes. Unlike tar, torch down roofing systems do not give off any type of harmful, noxious fumes.

Waterproofing membrane

FIXR's waterproofing contractors only use 4mm high quality waterproofing membranes such as Jayco and Copernit. Our work is guaranteed for between 10 and 15 years.

Torch down waterproofing cost

While Torch down waterproofing can last up to 20 years, installing torch down roofing can be a dangerous process and as such, tends to cost more than traditional roofing materials. Nevertheless, there is an array of benefits that makes the higher costs well worth it.

waterproofing contractors
Torch on Waterproofing

Waterproofing Contractors

Contact us for all your waterproofing requirements. Our waterproofing contractors are able to assist with all types of waterproofing projects.

Examples of our waterproofing

Examples of waterproofing done in Randburg, Sandston and Midrand areas.

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